Kardex Remstar Lektriever
Saving Space, boosting Productivity

The Kardex Remstar Lektriever is a software controlled automated media storage and retrieval system that can hold thousands of files, videos, CD’s , DVD, or a host of other media. Its capacity is the equivalent of at least 16 four-drawer filing cabinets. It can be operated in a stand alone mode or networked to your IT systems. It is as easy to operate as a printer, simply click on the requested file or media type and the Lektriever will search, select and retrieve the requested item.


Floor space savings

Typically, the Lektriever will save you 50%plus on floor space when compared to conventional manual filing products.


Ease of retrieval

No more walking, climbing ladders,bending and stretching to retrieve files. We estimate that staff can become 40% more productive. It also helps disabled employees to do a broader range of office functions. Wheelchair access is easy to accommodate.


Fire Protection and security

Each unit can be fully fire protected using a gas drench system. Access can be controlled via PIN, swipe card, electronic locks or higher security keys.


High payloads

The Lektriever is available in a wide range of colours and finishes complementing any interior design.

Pull out hanging frames

Lateral folder system

Box files

Multipurpose hanging frame

Technical Data

Unit Heights 2250 – 4500 mm

Unit widths 2560 – 3269 mm

Shelf load capacity 100 – 150 Kg

Why Kardex Remstar Lektriever

Premises Locations



Arion Athens

18, Krokeon & Polykratous Str.
104 42 Athens (GR)


Arion Thessaloniki

289, Monastiriou
546 28 Menemeni Salonica (GR)