Kicks Case Study

Kicks, the leading beauty chain in the Nordics, handling their e-commerce orders with around 25,000 products from 300 brands, it is needless to say that efficiency is key. All in all 10, Kardex Remstar Megamat RS 350 with the warehouse management software (WMS) Power Pick Global offer Kicks a fast storage and retrieval solution for over 16,000 of their products. Thanks to the goods-to-person principle of the Vertical Carousel Megamat RS, the articles, which are stored on carriers, automatically take the shortest path to the access opening. Using a colour picking strategy allows several order pickers to work on the same order. Each order and trolley is assigned a colour and shows where the picked goods should be allocated. This increases the picking speed and reduces picking errors while the possibility to simultaneously pick and replenish the stock makes the process very efficient.

Benefits at a glance for Kicks: - Reduce picking errors - Simultaneous picking and replenishment - Faster picking times - Increasing throughput Kardex Remstar has solutions to increase efficiency and significantly reduce the amount of storage space used.

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