KCK Cyklo Case Study:Efficient order fulfillment with Kardex Shuttle and Color Picking

KCK Cyklosport, a specialist online bicycle parts wholesaler based in the Czech Republic, uses Kardex Shuttle vertical lift module taking advantage of the full height available in their distribution warehouse center. Kardex Power Pick Global Warehouse Management Software controls automated storage systems using the Multi User Picking module. In this way many orders are picked in batches with one to four operators. Each operator has their own dedicated color that guides them through the entire picking process. This color can be identified on the confirmation buttons on the Kardex Shuttle units, on the unit displays as well as on the KBS lights on the Shuttle units access opening and in the put area. In order to speed up the collection process, the vertical lifting systems have a double disc operation. The combination of these elements allows up to 1,950 items to be collected by one Kardex Shuttle unit per shift at peak times. Operators can select multiple orders in parallel or one order together. Extra orders can be added to the running process. Color guidance is also used during the replenishment process, where the system informs the operator from which location the item should be picked up and where it should be placed. Operators use handheld scanners during replenishment to increase accuracy. This application also serves orders of a larger size, managing at the same time a) volume orders for bins or crates, e.g. 400x600 mm and b) euro pallet size. • Capability beyond picking/micro-picking that manages orders in europallet size as well

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