Kardex Remstar in association with Intertex
Storage and retrieval solutions for extremely heavy and long good

With the Towermat and Intermat heavy-duty units, Kardex Remstar has developed the ideal solution for companies that wish to store oversized and extremely heavy goods in an efficient, safe, and space-saving manner.


Towermat vertical lift system - perfect space optimisation
for heavy items

Stock with extreme dimensions and heavy goods require particularly well-throughout storage logistics. Previously, unprofitable use of space for the storage of long goods, metal sheets, tools, pallets or mesh cages cause extremely complex handling issues and lead to higher costs in the long term. Kardex Remstar supplies dynamic and flexible solutions for these special demands: Towermat vertical lift systems.


The Intermat vertical carousel for round operations
with special requirements

Unused space and long distances interfere with operations and can be expensive. The flexible Intermat carousel from Kardex Remstar offers the ideal solution to this problem.

Technical Data

Towermat FE EE
System height up to 25.000 mm up to 8.000 mm
Carrier unit    
Width up to 10.000 mm up to 8.200 mm
Depth up to 2.000 mm up to 1.500 mm
Load per carrier unit    
max. 5.000 kg 3.000 kg

Technical Data

System height up to 15.000 mm
Carrier unit  
Width up to 13.200 mm
Depth up to 1.200 mm
Load per carrier unit  
max. 4.500 kg

Why Kardex Remstar in association with Intertex

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